Top 5 Better Alternatives To Steemit To Earn Rewards In Crypto Tokens

While blockchain was once known merely as the building blocks used to make bitcoin, it’s now being hailed as a world-changing technology. The past year has seen a huge rise in companies using the blockchain to form innovative, decentralized businesses. However, one of the largest trends we’ve seen is the prominence of blockchain social media apps.


Better Alternatives To Steemit

1- Dtube

Dtube is the decentralized Youtube (although it’s not a project by Google). Users are allowed to upload videos and get rewards in the shape of crypto tokens for uploading quality contents. Since DTube is made on the blockchain, just like Bitcoin, it follows the same rules of secure, decentralized, list of record keeping. On the other hand, since the TPS speed is quite low, uploading content on DTube can take forever especially if your video is more than 10 minutes.

2. Sphere or simply Sphere was also built with an aim to tackle privacy, company transparency, and data security. It gives people the power to express their mind and every time they post quality content, they get compensated. Unlike others, the good thing with the Sphere is that it is cellphone-based and can be downloaded on both AppStore and Google Play.

3. Futurepia Messenger

Futurepia Messenger is a Dapp that is expected to revolutionize the way creators, curators and users make money online. With the features like beautiful optimized UI/UX, a user-friendly and fresh design, FuturepiaMessenger is mobile and desktop based which is x100 times faster than Steemit. Not only that people can upload all 3 kinds of contents: text, photo, and video. Futurepia Messenger will be rolled out in a couple of weeks.

4. Sapien

Sapien is a highly customizable and democratized social news platform capable of rewarding millions of content creators and curators. Sapien is more like Reddit, where people upload news in the shape of text or URL. There is no way to upload images or videos for the time-being.


Yours is a social network where you can earn Bitcoin SV if you create value. According to them, their mission is to improve the quality of content on the internet and to get people paid for doing the work they love. Although the idea is pretty much the same with other platforms, Yours is not known to many people and would probably die in near future especially after the release of Futurepia Messenger dapp.

Let us know which one of the above alternatives is your favorite one. For us, definitely, Futurepia Messenger is the winner 🙂

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