Sigmachain Partners With To Help Small Businesses Grow

Sigmachain recently signed a business agreement with the (Korea Medium and Small Industry Managers Association). Both the parties have agreed to:

  1. Collaborate on the establishment of an ecosystem of blockchain based global small business cooperation networks
  2. Joint research on blockchain and training experts
  3. Technical Support and Consulting for Small and Medium Businesses
  4. Promotion of joint projects through the establishment of joint ventures, etc.
  5. Cooperating with each other in promoting joint growth by utilizing the Mutual network.

Sigmachain and signed MoU

Sigmachain CEO, Jin-Young Kwak, is an expert in database computing and was one of the developers of Cyworld, which was the biggest social media in South Korea. On the other hand, Kim Song-Ho, chairman of the association, is a first-generation venture entrepreneur who founded Starbank, the world’s first electronic billing technology platform. It is expected that the convergence of the two sides through this agreement will attract the attention of the blockchain industry.

Kim Song-Ho, chairman of the, said, “ If we use blockchain technology to draw cooperation between small and medium-sized domestic companies, we believe that it will be possible to pursue national growth. I’m happy to join Sigmachain in this important step in solving the real problems being faced by small and medium-sized businesses.”

Sigmachain and signed MoU

Sigmachain’s mainnet platform known as Futurepia is being considered as “EOS Killer” as it not only enhances speed and stability issues of existing solutions but also provide more security, which is an essential element of operating an exchange. By applying DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm, Sigmachain Mainnet has significantly improved security, which is considered a weakness of existing DPoS (Denforcement Identification) consensus algorithms.

On this occasion, Sigmachain CEO Kwak Jin-young said, “We will work with the Korea Small and Medium Business Management Association to implement investment platforms, trading platforms, bill and distribution platforms, human resources and equipment sharing platforms to secure funds needed by small businesses. We will also provide a blockchain mainnet that will help grow and create jobs.”