“Sigmachain Network Alliance” (SNA) Launched — With Over 100 Companies On Board

On March 7th, Sigmachain launched its “Sigmachain Network Alliance” project to expand its services to various fields in the society, to sell their mainnet services to others and to expand blockchain ecosystem in not only Korea but all over the world. Almost 100 companies from various sectors of the blockchain – media, AI, Fashion, Healthcare etc attended the event, congratulating Sigmachain for the amazing work they are doing to revolutionize blockchain technology. The event was attended by more than 300 people making it by far, one of the biggest blockchain events in Korea of this year.

Sigmachain Network Alliance — SNA

Warm welcome by CEO Sigmachain

CEO Sigmachain, Jinyoung Kwak, gave a warm welcome to all the audience at “Sigmachain Network Alliance” launch event. He congratulated everyone for being there on this historical day and said, “Amid fierce competition for platforms to take the lead in blockchain market, attention is focusing on the emergence of blockchain alliance that is oriented toward global standards based on domestic native mainframe technology.”

The beautiful smile on Mr. Kwak’s face and his charming personality made everyone stand up and clap for his efforts in building the SNA


Later on COO Sigmachain, Dennis Oh took over the stage and shed some light on the use of blockchain in every walk of life. He also talked on how Sigmachain’s fastest mainnet i.e #Futurepia with 300,000 TPS, can offer a perfect solution to bring any application with high transactions, on the blockchain.

No event is complete without serving a delicious lunch, and when it comes to events organized by Sigmachain, the management knew how to fulfill the appetite of the crypto-enthusiasts present at the function there.

Credits: https://www.instagram.com/raygbiz/

Presentations by SNA Partner Companies

After enjoying the lunch, Sigmachain Network Alliance’s partner companies’ representatives gave the presentations about their projects. Here are the companies who were given the VIP status at the event and were given a chance to showcase their ideas.

Syrup Table(managed by MonsterCube) — Korea’s #1 application to find restaurant information, Liker World — Blockchain Based Educational Platform, WiseCare — Smart hospital system based on blockchain, LFIX — AI Beauty expert based on blockchain, *TAHNK — Donation platform for small enterprises, Navy Field — Marine strategy simulation game building an item transaction system based on blockchain, UDIUM — Reward system between product sales design and consumer fashion service via machine running and AI algorithm, CardioCoin — Dapp compensating users for running in fitness centre gyms across USA, IBS Chain — blockchain based crowdfunding platform, TYME — block chain based information asset management solution company, Amble — e-sports company promoting casino Olympic games, VivaChain — Lamborghini bicycle-based IoT healthcare company, CowEye — Blockchain based gaming company, Blockchain Forum — Blockchain community enterprise and many others. Almost 100 companies attended the event and have become founding members of the SNA.

Launch of Sigmachain’s First Ever Dapp

Sigmachain also announced that they will be launching their first DApp in a couple of weeks. The Dapp will be a reward sharing social media platform, based on blockchain where content creators, curators, and users are compensated for the quality of content they make and actively using the dapp. With a beautiful interface, new features, mobile and web-based versions and high compensation ratio, this SNS messenger app will soon become the best alternative to Steemit.

Interview Sessions

Since it was a jam-packed event that was being attended by the major blockchain and tech companies from South Korea, local media was also there to cover the event. Along with the Sigmachain founders, other attendees were also interviewed. Almost all the participants congratulated on launching Sigmachain Network Alliance and felt honored to be part of it.

Post Event Celebrations and Networking Session

After the concluding remarks by one of the founding members of Sigmachain, the event was finally over. Participants were allowed to do networking, take pictures or exchange contacts for future collaborations.