Sigmachain Will Attend “WorldCryptoCon 2018 ” – World’s Biggest Cryptocurrency Conference In Las Vegas

While you may not claim to be an expert of ‘Cryptocurrency’ and ‘Blockchain’ but you probably hear them thrown about in the office a few times a day. Of course, these are the buzzwords of 2018 and as each day goes by, blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way everything, from banking to voting, is run. After the digital currencies like Bitcoin, Etherum and EOS have entered the mainstream disclosure, the world is just not the same anymore. Both blockchain and cryptocurrencies will shape the world in the 4th Industrial revolution, way more than the internet revolutionized our lives back in the 90s. Since everyone started taking interest in such currencies, conferences related to bitcoins, block-chains, DApps are happening every single day around the globe. But before we say goodbye to this amazing year, all the cryptocurrency enthusiasts are excited for the upcoming “WorldCryptoCon” – the world’s largest cryptocurrency conference, hosted at the Aria Resort and Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 31st to November 2nd.

What Is WorldCryptoCon

As the name suggests, #WorldCryptoCon is world’s most mesmerizing, interactive and informative conference related to blockchain inviting industry leaders to share their technologies in front of investors, speakers, attendees, businesses and developers who are using blockchain technologies to change the world for better. For 3 days (October 31st – November 2nd), the conference will provide a stage for networking, deal-making,  marketing and relationship building with potential partners. This is the first of its kind of event where participants will not only have a look of blockchain future but will experience in real-life how these technologies are changing and impacting our lives.

Apart from more than 5000 attendees, people will get a chance to hear from industry titans like Vinny Lingham, Co-founder & CEO of; Ronnie Moas; Founder and Director of Standpoint Research; Arianna Simpson, Managing Director at Autonomous Partners; Brock Pierce, Founder and Managing Partner of Blockchain Capital‎; Maxine Ryan, ‎Co-founder and COO of ‎Bitspark Limited, and many more.

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SigmaChain at ICO Corner of  WorldCryptoCon

ICO Corner is probably the biggest exhibition at WorldCryptoCon, giving an opportunity to have a look at the hottest new technologies in the space. This event is specially dedicated to those projects that are planning token sale events. Investors, blockchain enthusiasts and attendees will have an opportunity to look at some of the promising ICO projects. The main focus at ICO corner will be at the benefits blockchain technologies offer apart from digital currencies. Every team will be allowed to pitch for 10 minutes and that’s where SigmaChain team will be talking about Futurepia.

These 3 topics will be Sigmachain’s pitch:

i) Sigmachain’s Mainnet:

Futurepia is a distributed social media Mainnet (using DDPOS) based on blockchain technology that supports DApps specialized on social media. It has a DApp Store, and provides various APIs for DApp developers.

Sigma Chain V1.0 is developed through distributed network throughput and Dual Delegated Proof of Stack (DDPOS) and has a transaction speed of 300,000 TPS – much much higher than that of Ethereum’s mainnet (15 transactions/second). Futurepia’s mainnet consists of consists of 17 BPs (Block Provider) and 4 randomly selected BOs (Block Observer), totaling 21 nodes.

ii) Futurepia’s APIs:

In addition to the mainnet API itself, Futurepia will provide a messenger and P2P cloud service modules as APIs so that the DApps service development can be faster. In the future, it will be possible for other companies to develop such common modules so that they can operate as a smart contract. In other words, DApps that are in the early stages will have the effect of shortening the development cost and time without additional revenue share.

iii) Futurepia’s Coin Ecosystem Features:

Futurepia’s coin based economy is aligned with DApp – which is the mainnet participant. DApp that wants to participate in Futurepia’s mainnet will submit their whitepaper for investment review. BPs (Block Producers), those with the highest number of coins and superior infrastructure, examines the quality of DApp  and if BP’s ‘willing-to-make investment’ amount exceeds 50% of what DApp requested, it gets to be admitted to Futurepia’s DApp store.

This model is different from Ethereum that imposes a transaction commision, and also differs from EOS which requires a network purchase cost in advance. In case of Futurepia, people having FPC (Futurepia coins) can vote and invest on DApp. They will also be able to increase the value of their total holding by investing in a DApp that they think have a potential to grow in future.

See you at #WorldCryptoCon

Well, that’s just one hell of a lengthy article.

But if you still are reading until now, that definitely means we are able to catch your attention 🙂 So, if you are coming to #WorldCryptoCon, don’t forget to drop by our booth and say Hi.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


For more details, please read our whitepaper here.