Futurepia Selected Among The “Innovative Blockchain Startups” for 2018

Last month, Futurepia participated at Blockchain Leadership Summit in Switzerland. There were around 270 projects that applied for the competition, but it was #FUTUREPIA who got till the end and won the highest Award: Roadshow in Switzerland!

And recently Futurepia has been awarded as one of the most “Innovative Blockchain Startups” Award by InnMind.


There were various factors based on which, it was able to snatch the awards from the many first comers in the blockchain market. Few of the characteristics that embody Futurepia are:
– Blockchain for High Traffic DApps offering 300,000 TPS
– Providing a mainnet much secure and more stable than existing platforms
– Providing various APIs for each and fast DApp development
– Providing an ecosystem where DApp developers don’t have to pay an insurmountable amount of fee to get accepted to the DApp store as in case of EOS and Ethereum.

InnMind posted about the winning competitions on their website and Facebook page and you can find the details here:

💡 Startup name: Futurepia
Description: Distributed social media Mainnet based on blockchain technology. It supports DApps specialized on social media and has its own DApp store.
Tagline: ICT (Internet & Communication), Software engineering & development
Regional focus: Worldwide
Business model: B2B2C
Stage: Ready to market
Requested investment: € 4,499,997
Check out the profile at: https://innmind.com/startups/7176