Media Coverage Of Futurepia Mainnet At The K-Blockchain 2018 Conference

Team of Sigmachain attended the “K-Blockchain 2018″ conference – the biggest conference of its kind in South Korea. Founders of Cyworld (the famous social network in Korea) and current directors of Sigmachain gave a detailed presentation and lecture on Futurepia – the social media mainnet based on blockchain.

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#Futurepia was the talk of the town after the event as it was able to get the attention of the blockchain enthusiasts for the following two reasons:

a) Futurepia solves the existing problems of 3rd generation mainnet by the development of in-house built algorithm called DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof of Stake)

b) KOLAS (Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) has accessed and certified Futurepia mainnet speed as 300,000 TPS, which is much much faster than both Ethereum and EOS’s mainnets.

Futurepia got a tremendous ‘thumbs ups’ from the attendees of the conference and the lecture received undoubtedly a positive response. Their lecture was even later on covered by some Korean media agencies. A few of them can be found here:

a) 100News:

b) LawIssue:

c) ETNews:

d) Japanese media FN News:

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