Futurepia Development Team Update — What to look for in Q1 2019

Futurepia Development Team has been working day and night for taking the project to the moon. With more than 15+ developers on board, Futurepia has one of the most talented pools of team members. The team has worked hard in Q4 2018 and have achieved various breakthroughs that made the project stand out among its competitors.

What did they achieve in Q4 2018?

Futurepia development team’s efforts made it possible for them to win #1 spot at the blockchain leadership conference in Switzerland. Here is a look back at what the team had achieved in Q4 2014.

  1. DDPOS Algorithm:
    DDPoS is the 3rd generation blockchain in-house built algorithm by Futurepia to solve the existing problems of PoW, PoS and DPoS. In DDPoS(Double Delegated Proof of Stake), as Block is created in each round, the master node (BP) and the Futurepia node (BO) become representative nodes in random order. Because of this, the risk of collusion between master nodes decreases and improves the processing speed.
  2. 300,000 TPS:
    Futurepia became the world’s first to be certified for having a stable 300,000 Transactions per second speed within a blockchain.
  3. Futurepia Testnet
    TestNet is a testing network open for the public to connect to it that fully matches MainNet by technical characteristics. Futurepia released its fully functional Testnet in Q4 2018 and can be downloaded from here.

What to look for in Q1 2019?

The development team is already busy working on various projects including wallet app, testnet upgrade, mainnet release and first ever Futurepia DApp — a social messenger.
Here is a sneak-peek at what’s coming up in Q1 of this year.

  1. DApp Tokens: 
    Decentralized applications are protocols and have tokens that are necessary for their function. The team will be working on applying tokens that will be used by DApps.
  2. SNS Feed for DApp: 
    Futurepia test net provides SNS feed and posting functions that DAPPs need. In addition to the API of mainnet itself, real time video streaming, messaging and P2P could service modules will be provided in API for DApps to boost their development process.
  3. TestNet Upgrade and Mainnet Release
    The development team has already upgraded Testnet this week and the mainnet is expected to be launched during Q1 too.
  4. Futurepia Messenger
    Futurepia will soon roll out its first ever DApp ‘Futurepia Messenger’ designed for content creators that will change the way monetization works. The development team is working day and night to release it in the next couple of weeks.

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