Futurepia Coin Name Changed To “PIA”

Futurepia is about to get listed on various exchanges and the first Dapp is about to be rolled out on Futurepia’s mainnet. But before that, we have some big announcement to make.

Futurepia’s Coin Name Change to PIA

Until now, Futurepia’s utility coin has been using the ticker “FPC”. But in the light of the feedback received from our community members, the token name has been changed to “PIA”.

Another reason for this change is that FPC ticker looks quite vague but PIA looks is simply derived from “FUTUREPIA”. Moreover, PIA is easier to remember.


Are Coin Holders Affected by This Name Change?

No, coin holders do not need to worry about anything. If you are already carrying Futurepia coins, your Futurepia wallet will be automatically upgraded and the new currency will be shown along with the amount you were carrying initially.

Value of PIA Coin

The value of PIA token is still the same as that of FPC.

Hence, Futurepia will be listed on the exchanges through its coin name “PIA”.

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