Futurepia Messenger — The Best Alternative to Steemit

After the popularity of Steemit, lots of DApps came up in the blockchain space offering incentives to people for uploading quality content and being active users of the DApps but there is still hardly any good alternative to Steemit, until now, when Futurepia decided to launch their own DApp.

Futurepia — being the fastest blockchain with 300,000 TPS Speed have recently won the title of the ‘most innovative blockchain’ during Blockchain Leadership Summit in Switzerland. Before the launch of mainnet, Futurepia decided to launch one of their first Dapp, Futurepia Messenger, that will revolutionize the way content compensation model works.

The Dapp is considered to be the competitor of Steemit where everyone will get paid for creating and curating content in a much better way. Comparing both the Dapps following differences can be found:

  1. Interface
    Futurepia Messenger has a beautiful optimized UI/UX, a user-friendly and fresh design whereas if you have used Steemit, you’d agree that the interface is pretty dull and boring.
  2. Content
    On Futurepia Messenger, users can upload Photo, Text, and Video while on Steemit you can only upload Text and Photo.
  3. Compatibility
    Futurepia Messenger is x100 times faster than Steemit and is mobile based. Its desktop version will also be released in near future. On the other hand, Steemit only offers a web-based version.
  4. Betting
    On Futurepia Messenger, users can bet on the quality content and earn rewards for their successful bet. On the other hand, betting feature is not available on Steemit.

Check out a comparison of both the Dapps and find out why “Futurepia Messenger” will win the battle against “Steemit”

Futurepia Vs Steemit — best alternative to steemit