Sigmachain Going Global as AmbleX, Calero partner with Sigmachain

Sigmachain (CEO Jin-young Kwak) made an announcement on 6th December regarding the signing of MoU with two global companies that specialize in blockchain solutions — 1) Calero(CEO Ken Otalo) and 2) Amble International Exchange (CEO Kent Kim).

The main point of MOU is to supply Sigmachain Mainnet to both companies while working together to vitalize businesses in blockchain and global expansion of Sigmachain ecosystem.

Through this MOU with both companies, Sigmachain is expected to surpass both EOS and Ethereum by supplying its mainnet to commercial services that have a large user base and traffic, and to global cryptographic currency exchanges that are operating for users around the world, thus strengthening its position as a platform. It is also expected that global expansion of Sigmachain ecosystem will gain momentum due to active marketing capabilities with business networks that each company has.

The Amble International Exchange (AmbleX) officially started its service on the 11th of last month as a global cryptographic currency exchange. It has decided to use the Sigmachain mainnet because Sigmachain’s mainnet platform not only enhance speed and stability issues of existing solutions but also provide more security, which is an essential element of operating an exchange. By applying DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm, Sigmachain Mainnet has significantly improved security, which is considered a weakness of existing DPoS (Denforcement Identification) consensus algorithms. In the case of the DPOS Consensus Algorithm, the BP (Block Producer) selected by the coin holders can be hacked as they are exposed to public, while the DDPoS algorithm prevents security threats such like node-attack by cross-checking the production of a block in real time with the selected BP.

On the occasion of MoU signing ceremony, Sigmachain’s CEO Jin-young Kwak said, “As Sigmachain mainnet is being considered as a next-generation mainnet that has better “speed, stability, and security” compared to existing blockchains, bundles of companies have already signed the contract and a many others will be joining very soon”.

Recently Sigmachain also signed MoU with Calero — An Austrian based blockchain company providing solutions in the SCM domain.

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